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Rebel for life…

I belong to a city where protests are part of our daily routines. When I was in London for a ceremony and saw the enormous gathering at the entrance of the Waterloo bridge and Surroundings, demonstrating against climate change, I felt home!

On a far more serious note, the mass civil disobedience to show defiance against the rising detrimental effects of climate change, was impressive in all possible ways. The protesters massed there, organised by Extinction Rebellion, to show their concern for the inevitable danger coming up to grab the next generation. I tried to document the protest that concerns every living being on this planet. The climate crisis is looming and I stand in agreement when they say we have to act now or never.

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are living in; the danger is hovering around all of us. The demand for zero emission of greenhouse gasses is relevant for one and all. Whether it’s Waterloo in London or Esplanade in Kolkata, the scenario is quite alike. Agendas keep piling one on the other, leaders keep discussing but nothing happens. This is leading the common man to come on the road and cry out loud. I hope this spreads all over the world and accumulate to gain strength and win against the scary future.


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