Joydeep Mukherjee



I am an  Indian photographer based in Kolkata. My  journey of photography started  since 2003 during a trek to the Everest  Base Camp in Nepal. From then on, this passion became an integral part of my life. After realising that photography for me is now like breathing, I pursued the art to the utmost.  I got myself  trained in a number of workshops under various leaders in international photography . 


I have  already been featured in - Photojournale – China , Life Force Magazine –UK , BBC News , Feature shoot – USA , Quint Magazine , Dhodho Magazine , 121 Clicks , Exhibited in 5 International  Foto Festival s in  INDIA , CHINA , BELGIUM , BANGLADESH  .  Exhibited in numerous  group photography exhibitions in India as wel as  diffent parts of the world .


I  believes that an artist's work must be good consistently to be considered as an art. I does not practice it just for the sake of aesthetics but for a cause. I take  each shot to make sense, bear sense and hit the sensible viewers.  I  attempts to portray the moment that would tell a story of the time to the time to come.


According to me  a photographer must be technically competent to use the various techniques to change a  photograph from a mere snap to a snapshot of time and life. Photographs can be used to narrate a story, and thus have more to it than just being a work of art.  I  always been inclined in capturing life in all situations. Thus, human element makes for an integral part of my photography. People photography has been the stream that I followed but his hyperactive nature has always kept me in unrest..


Along with photography I have been mentoring young photographers since 2012  I am   with a group of Kolkata based photography enthusiasts, started an initiative called  “Click Start From Kalighat”  aka CSFK. This initiative, under my  guidance, has produced a number of highly acclaimed photographers.


At this moment, beside running CSFK,  I am also  engaged as the Chief Editor and Mentor of FOTOJAJS, an    e-magazine on photography. For CSFK and FOTOJAJS, I have  already conducted a number of workshops in different parts of India like Pushkar Fair, Sonepur Fair, Ladakh, Varanasi . Purulia,  Kumbha  etc.  

Presently  the  Chief Mentor of  the  Organisation - " CSFK- Photography  and   FOTOJAJS .