Joydeep Mukherjee



I am a  Indian photographer based in Kolkata. My  journey of photography started  since 2003 during a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. From then on, this passion became an integral part of his life. After realising that photography for me is now like breathing, I pursued the art to the utmost.  I got myself  trained in a number of workshops under various leaders in international photography .


Not only training under these biggies in photography, but a number of both short and long term (some of them running as long as seven years), very serious photography projects on different human interest issues, have enriched his photographic career to a great extent. These projects include changing face of Indian traditions like Widow Holi, Hindu rituals like Dondi, global issues like Climate Change, social issues like LGBT Movement, human interest issues like Old Age, Specially Abled Children etc.


 I have  already been featured in - Photojournale – China , Life Force Magazine –UK , BBC News , Feature shoot – USA , Quint Magazine , Dhodho Magazine , 121 Clicks , Exhibited in 5 International  Foto Festival s , INDIA , CHINA , BELGIUM , BANGLADESH  .


I  believes that an artist's work must be good consistently to be considered as an art. He does not practice it just for the sake of aesthetics but for a cause. I take  each shot to make sense, bear sense and hit the sensible viewers. He attempts to portray the moment that would tell a story of the time to the time to come.


According to me  a photographer must be technically competent to use the various techniques to change a photograph from a mere snap to a snapshot of time and life. Photographs can be used to narrate a story, and thus have more to it than just being a work of art.  I  always been inclined in capturing life in all situations. Thus, human element makes for an integral part of his photography. People photography has been the stream that he followed but his hyperactive nature has always kept him in unrest. Hence, his photographs has been unpredictable, uninhibited and always telling the story of life in different ways.


Along with photography I have been mentoring young photographers since 2012  I am   with a group of Kolkata based photography enthusiasts, started an initiative called  “Click Start From Kalighat”  aka CSFK. This initiative, under my  guidance, has produced a number of highly acclaimed photographers.


At this moment, beside running CSFK,  I am also  engaged as the Chief Editor and Mentor of FOTOJAJS, an e-magazine on photography. For CSFK and FOTOJAJS, I have  already conducted a number of workshops in different parts of India like Pushkar Fair, Sonepur Fair, Ladakh, Varanasi . Purulia,  Kumbha  etc.  

Presently  the  Chief Mentor of  the  Organisation - " CSFK- Photography  and   FOTOJAJS .