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What scares me…

For a long time I have been sensing a feeling inside me. It's kind of eerie and keeps annoying me. The feeling scares me. Though I love to believe myself as a strong man, but an unknown fear keeps getting me. It crawls up my throat, it runs down my ridge and I feel cold.

I love the feeling when my family looks upto me for all the support they may need; I feel on top of the world when my darling daughter says it unspoken, that I’m the superman in her life. I feel strong when I’m surrounded with the people I know, I’m comfortable with; I can understand that they trust my ability and look for guidance in me. All these feelings comfort me and make me feel able and stand steady.

But then there is another me inside me. That other me doubts, gets confused; the other me fears of something which is around but never comes in front. It makes me feel its presence, its existence around me. I see it when there is nothing and it creeps in the vision. It knocks me when I hear no sound. It's unknown but I know it for long. It has always been there in my subconcious mind. An eye that keeps an eye on me always. A voice that keeps whispering in my ears but I never get to hear it.

The thing that we fear most is fear itself. It’s the fear of facing the unknown, the fear of confronting, the fear of being thrown out of our comfort zone that keep scaring us all our lives. It happens with me. It happens quite often.


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