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Rainbow shades of Grey.....

Life is a journey. It is full of happy colours. But we face problems too. We cry and fight. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. But there are some people who are not so privileged to have a ‘Normal’ life, and seem to know only the colour grey. Such a band of boys are the inmates of the Home I visited this summer and was stunned to see their battle to paint their lives with rainbow colours.

These boys are mentally retarded and abandoned by their families. One man, whom the boys call ‘Dada’, is on a ceaseless war against destiny. Since he has a will, so he found a way. With his rock solid will and a heart as deep as ocean, he has taught the 70 inmates of the home, to help each other to survive. They take bath together, eat, study and play together. They have built a Team to fight against all odds. These poor souls share a special kind of bond with each other and of course, with Dada. They keep repeating the lessons of life unless they learn.

Though I can never reach the depth of their agony, standing at the view finder, I tried to catch them laughing at the face of fate. It filled my heart with joy. It was like an inspiration to the uninspired. Their laughter spread the message in the air, “live life to express, not to impress”.


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