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Hard Work + Life = Hard Brick

Maati te jonmo nilam, maati tayi rokte misheche..” (I am born on this earth, this soil; and this earth is in my blood now) Located close to the meandering rivers in Bengal, where clay soil is found in abundance, we find groups of people working in brick fields. Theirs’ is a simple organizational structure:

Since the manpower for these fields come from afar, and settle down for the duration of 6 month (till before the monsoons start, because in monsoon soil generally flooded away due to rain water ), there is relocation of the entire family from the native place to the work place. The bulk of the labor category consists of women, who are involved in the brick-making process from the inception to the completion. Also, the children of the family see brick-making not only as a part of life, but also a source of livelihood.

The meager income that a person receives per brick is not sufficient to sustain the family, the children take pride in their ability to contribute to their family income. I tried to Capture the Female workers life during the working time . Some of them working with their baby , they enjoy the work with a smile in their face .

Those homeless people making the first step , so we can get a secured house for our family .


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