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Not always the mouth speaks..

They say the face is the mirror of the mind. On my quest of finding faces, I found this saying to be so true. In diverse environments, I met many minds, came to know many characters, became friends with beautiful souls and countered disapproving individuals. In a nutshell, life opened its pages in front of me and I kept reading.

Every page had a new story to tell. Every face has its own chronicle. The soul bears the score while the face narrates it. I saw faces with smiles, sometimes welcoming the unknown, sometimes shying away but not absolutely rejecting. And then there are faces with rage, retaliating to my interest, taking it as an intrusion and outright refusing entrance. I have been soaking into the feeling and trying my utmost to freeze the expression. Once I saw a face of a father, who had brought his son’s body for cremation. I couldn’t capture the moment through my lenses but got it engraved in my heart and my mind. I have seen faces rejoicing, with brimming exclamations of joy at a success or a gain. Sometimes I missed them too to capture; but have them stored inside me. I cherish such moments. I cherish these faces. I converse with them; try to m the depth. Sometimes I succeed in doing this, sometimes I fail. But the faces keep on adding pages.

Different features, unmatched characteristics, unique style talks; sometimes loud, sometimes in whispers, tells me to live life to express, not to impress.


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