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Signature of soul ....

A photographer’s life is no less a challenge than that of any other profession. Neither it is less interesting and full of aesthetes than any other form of art. On the path of photography, I have clicked the shutter ‘n’ number of times and am ready for another ‘n’ number. Each and every shot comes with its own challenge and I dare it every time; enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes I get carried over by the gamut of emotion a frame brings along with it. The immense beauty it holds in itself, stuns me. Each frame is a new story for me.

Starting more than a decade ago, I have been through numerous such tales and have been a part of each of them. Then one fine morning I thought to myself, why not be a part of my stories staying both, behind the viewfinder and in front of it, at the same time.

Thus I started keeping my shadow in my frames, showing my stand behind the camera while playing my role as a part of the frame; keeping a signature of my soul that I put into every photo I take. I have always believed in living life to express, not to impress .

The soul continues on its endeavour .


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