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Love by force....

Love is a feeling that comes from deep inside. It happens and knows no rule. But human kinds make rules and then, they rule. They act by brains. They make bombs and guns. They kill. Likewise they tell you who you should fall for or who you should spend your life with. So you are a woman and want to sleep with another woman? Hush… never dare to say this in public. You don’t want to spend your life like a second class citizen, or even worse. You are a man, damn it! How can you think of getting married to another man? What will the society say? Have you ever thought how humiliated your parents will have to be? There’s rule man!!!

Since the day man started to live in a society, this has been the way the society made us live. Talking about our own will, our own choice has always been bound in limits. Even after getting a positive nod by the law in some countries, same sex marriage is still an issue that faces utmost level of intolerance. Being born as a Transgender is like a sin. One is outcast from the mainstream and are often seen begging or taking to other mean ways to earn a livelihood. The ones who are not, so called ‘straight’ in choice of sex, die thousand deaths every day. People talk about ‘equality’, about ‘tolerance’; and then, they set examples of ‘intolerance’ by criticizing those who love and want to live otherwise.

The Rainbow Pride Walk is a symbol of protest of the Lesbians, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgenders. It’s a loud noise against the force that stops them from loving and living their lives, their way. Standing behind the viewfinder, my eyes of a photographer has seen the eyes, falling in this other class of the society, burning with rebel. Capturing their demonstration in frames, I had this question resonating in my mind – is it just this day that you protest? Why not all the days, till the day you live? Why not live life to express, not to impress?

My story continues…


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