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Life Under Cover

Burqa, manifestation of a belief that stands as the base of a religion, has always been a matter of high regards for Islamic people. On the other hand, it has been a mystery for those who belong to other religious practices. This dress, covering the entire body, leaves the eyes veiled by a mesh to look through. In Islam, it is believed that both men and women should dress and behave moderately. Whether Burqa confines a woman and deprives her from basic rights or not is a topic open to debate. Leaving that issue aside, I tried to see the women wearing it as a human being and no particular species.

In recent times, while visiting a small city by the seaside, I got a chance to click some photos of women in Burqa, in different moods expressed by different actions and gestures. Though fully covered by this unique dress, their movements somehow connected and made me feel like I could sense their feelings. The way they sat by the beach, on the stones looking over the waves towards infinity, their chirps, spending time with kids, or simply talking to each other – all were communicating in a language never spoken. Standing behind the viewfinder, I tried to capture the small fragments of their untold stories and weave them in a tale that says, live life to express, not to impress.


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