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I am old and grey. I am alone inside these four walls and I can only talk to my loneliness. My loneliness is killing me inside.

I am almost imperceptible to those people, who are happy in their busy own world. Sometimes, I feel like a critter, for whom these humans had a stiff-arm.

I wasn’t born to be an undeserving creature like I am now. But over the years I have realized that I was just not acceptable to fit in here.

Now I am completely disconnected…mentally, physically and emotionally from the entire human race. I don't even feel like being alive anymore. I am almost sacrosanct, detached and redundant.

I don’t wish to have any company. I don't want to see anyone. I want to lie down in my bed, darkness all around with the curtains drawn. My life is full of emptiness. I feel like a sluggish wave to come and wash me over.

My solitude and its pain!! I wish no one can ever experience them.


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